Photography2Art Norine Cepernich

Norine has been a photographer for over 35 years, starting out in high school. She purchased her first Rollieflex medium format camera in the 70”s, and spent many an hour printing in her home darkroom. She progressed to a Hasselblad in the 80’s, capturing weddings and portraits for 20 years. Norine made the switch to digital in 2003. She currently shoots with a Nikon system with a primary focus on landscape photography.

Norine graduated from San Francisco State with a BA degree in photography. Studying under Vinny Isola, she captured weddings for Genesis Photography for over 10 years. She also studied with Lori Rose of Golden Gate School learning the art of wedding photography and portraiture.

Norine also worked in the graphic arts industry reproducing print quality images with high end drum scanning most of her life. She began using Photoshop in the late 80’s, working as a color specialist and photo retoucher of four color separations. Most recently, Norine worked for the Thomas Kinkade Company to capture and reproduce Kinkade fine art originals.

Norine attended many workshops with the late Tom Tworek, who opened her eyes to the wonders of landscape photography in the digital age. She also had the unique opportunity to attend workshops with Alain Briot, a famous southwest photographer, exploring Little Known Navajolands and Canyonland National Park.

Norine's two worlds of photography and graphic arts have merged; she has the photographer's eye, as well as the experts handling of image processing.