Photography2Art Terms & Conditions

Our goal is to provide you, acting solely as your agent, an educational and enjoyable photographic workshop experience to the best of our efforts. As a workshop participant you will need to understand, agree to, sign and date a Limitation of Liability form. The Limitation of Liability form will be emailed to you when your attendance is confirmed and they will also be available at the workshop.

The workshop will occur rain, snow or shine. The only condition that would limit shooting is if there are significant road closures and/or unsafe conditions as determined by local authorities. In this case we would alter our shooting locations appropriately. We reserve the right to modify the workshop agenda, content and locations as made necessary by unusual, unpredictable or unexpected conditions or events.

Workshop participants are responsible for being at the designated meeting places and meeting times as specified in the workshop materials and communications provided at the workshop events. Assume that no electronic communications will be available during the workshop (cell phones, internet access, messaging, etc.).

If the workshop is cancelled by us you will receive a full refund. If you are unable to attend a workshop, for any reason, you may apply your fees, if paid in full, towards another workshop of equal or higher value within one year of the ending date of the workshop you were unable to attend. You will need to pay any additional fees if the workshop you are applying to is more expensive than your original workshop choice.

There is always the chance of risk with any event in the natural outdoor environment, we accept no responsibility for any inconvenience, injury, personal property damage of any kind, or unanticipated expenses either to you, or caused by you to others, during the course of attending the workshop, in the course of travel to or from the workshop or as a result of attending the workshop.

You certify that you are physically fit and capable of participating in outdoor activities, the use of photographic equipment and using sound judgement in your decision to participate in the workshop activities, further you certify that you fully understand the risks associated with the workshop and have consulted any required advisors as necessary before attending the workshop.